30 May 2023

A New Resolution on Granting Iranian Citizenship to Foreigners

On its meeting of 03 April 2022, the Board of Ministers adopted a resolution indicating that the Ministry of Interior shall grant residence permits to foreign […]
30 May 2023

Iran Appoints Ambassador to UAE as Part of Continued Efforts to Strengthen Relations with Persian Gulf States

In an effort to improve relations with its Gulf state neighbors, Iran has appointed an ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Reza Ameri, for the […]
23 May 2023

Use of Technology in Legal Professions

When discussing use of technology in legal professions, electronic payment methods and client portals are the very first examples that come into mind. A significant part […]
23 May 2023

Issuance of Rial Payment Cards for Foreigners

It has almost become impossible to imagine handling daily transactions without using bank cards. The outbreak of coronavirus and its consequent restrictions, especially in using cash […]
21 February 2023

For Stability in Energy Supply, It Is Necessary to Develop Gas Resources in the West Side of the Country

Since the beginning of the 13th government, contracts for development of seven oil and gas fields worth 4.5 billion dollars have been signed with reputable domestic […]
22 August 2022

UN General Assembly declares access to clean and healthy environment a universal human right.

The right to live in a “clean, healthy, and sustainable environment” was voted to be a universal human right by the United Nations General Assembly on […]