Our Story

Elite Pars is established to embody our vision of the best way to meet the needs of our clients in Iran. We have recognized that the interests of many clients were adversely impacted by the inefficiencies of large law firms who are present in Iran, such as the pressure to bill each client a specific number of hours each month to meet artificially targeted profit goals, working remotely with an inability to properly facilitate clients on the ground and quickly adapt to changes in the market, and the need to train inexperienced attorneys. In order to avoid those problems, Elite Pars founders created this boutique law firm.

Our experts have a handful of experience in the Iranian market and MENA region advising a diverse spectrum of clients and transactions in terms of amount, complexity, sector, and mandate. Not only are we familiar with the legal framework and the private and public sectors in Iran, but we also monitor legal and political developments fostering Iranian market. Even when it comes to commercial disputes, our adept Commercial Arbitration and Litigation department will be there by your side to best represent you interests.

From the very beginning, we decided that our law firm would be dedicated to putting the client’s interests first. In order to meet this goal, Elite Pars’ clients are represented by seasoned attorneys whose focus is on results, not billable hours. Elite Pars’ clients also benefit from the firm’s collegial environment that ensures that its attorneys and professional staff engage in a free flow of ideas and remain focused on the client’s objectives at all times. In addition, each of Elite Pars’ clients receive the same quality of services because we are not financially dependent upon a particular client or matter.

Our Vision

Elite Pars has a simple, yet profound purpose: to be the place where trust, creativity, enthusiasm and hard work unite. We strive to bring truly elite legal services through care, passion and dedication. We listen carefully to our clients and draw on our broad practice capabilities to transform their challenging difficulties to success stories. We are committed to improve the well-being of the people around us and nurture the lives we touch.
Our vision is to be the firm that reliably advances the interests of our clients who desire cutting-edge, timely, creative and result-driven advice. We have the best and brightest law school graduates who benefit from invaluable practical experience, outstanding business sense, as well as legal academic vigor. While rigorously committed to our practice, we are always responsive and ready to adapt our services to changing needs of our clients. We at Elite Pars, will never stop learning, growing, and embarking on new ventures.

For the past several years, our team has had a leading role in navigating various industry participants into the Iranian market. We have capitalized on the opportunity of being at the forefront of delivering legal assistance to international and local market players in energy, infrastructure and transport, life sciences and health care, telecommunication and retail sectors.


Business Principles

We always comply with all applicable professional, ethical and business standards and we have a zero tolerance policy against bribery or corruption in any form. We have adequate procedures in place to prevent and report any suspected instances of bribery and corruption arising internally and in respect of our dealings with you and third parties.

In representing you, we will use our professional judgment to provide the prudent legal services necessary, and appropriate to complete your instructions. We will also deal with incidental matters that arise.