29 November 2019

An Overview of Corporate Governance in Iran

29 November 2019

Iranian Capital Market

Investment in Iranian capital market requires a thorough understanding of its legal structure. In this edition of our ‘At a Glance Series’ we aim at defining […]
29 November 2019

Trademark Protection in Iran

Protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs) in Iran is vital to doing business in this market. As the volume of infringement of IPRs is considerable, we […]
14 July 2021

IP Protections for Innovation

Technological progress and innovation have been recognized as one of the fundamental drivers of economic growth and development. In this sense, interest in structured forms of […]
14 July 2021

ADR and its Enforceability under Iranian law

Complicated issues that commercial transactions could bring about frequently sees a legal authority adjudicating thereon. On such occasions many prefer to avoid the often intricate and […]
14 July 2021

2021 ICC Arbitration Rules

s the most preferred arbitral institution across the world, the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce has recently taken a landmarking step […]
25 October 2021

Flo Health Improper Data Usage

In January 2021, Flo Health, one of the most widely-used period and fertility tracking applications, was accused of improperly sharing users’ information with third party applications […]
6 December 2021

Iran reiterates Climate Change Commitments at COP26

The United Nations Global Climate Summit, or also known as COP26, kicked off on October 31, in Glasgow, Scotland with nearly 200 countries participating, to bring […]