12 January 2022

Reopening of Transit Routes via Iran: Prospects for Economic Integration of the Region

Recently, it was announced that a UAE-Iran-Turkey transit corridor was officially launched with the first shipment from the UAE port of Sharjah heading for the Turkish […]
30 January 2022

Changes in Formalities Applicable to Transfer of Title of Private Cars in Iran

Finalizing a private car transaction in Iran i.e. transfer of title to the buyer, need not be registered in Notary office; according to a new circular […]
23 February 2022

Iran Allows China to Open Consulate General in Southern Port of Iran, Bandar Abbas

The Iranian Council of Ministers approved a plan proposed by the Iranian Foreign Ministry in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963, according to […]
5 March 2022

The Act on Establishment of the Special Group on Digital Economy

The Board of Ministers enacted a legislation with respect to the establishment of the special group on digital economy to harmonize the development of digital economy, […]
19 April 2022

The Possibility of Sale of Real Estate through Commodity Exchange for Natural Persons

On 17 April 2022, the head of the Economic Studies Department of the Iran Commodity Exchange, Moein Mohammadipour, stated that based on the rules of the […]
24 April 2022

Iran’s Membership in United Nations Commission of International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

Iran became a member of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. The General Assembly has elected 34 members to the United Nations Commission on […]
26 April 2022

Facilitation of the Process of Issuing the Certificate of Exclusive Inheritance

Recently, the First Deputy of the Judiciary announced the “Instructions for Organizing and Accelerating the Process of Issuing the Certificate of Exclusive Inheritance and Writing the […]
7 May 2022

Russia’s Demand for a Written Guarantee to Be Exempted from Iran Related Sanctions

On 5 March 2022, Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that sanctions against his country in response to the Ukraine invasion has created an […]