1 June 2019

Elite Pars – ISCC MOU

On June 1st, 2019 Elite Pars Law Firm signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce …
12 June 2019

IPC as Security for Financial Facilities

“On May 7, 2019, the Central Bank of Iran circulated a directive instructing Iranian banks to admit the “upstream development and production operations service contracts” for […]
18 June 2019

New Publication by Elite Pars Lawyers

Elite Pars is pleased to announce the latest publication of its Managing Partner, Dr. Navid Rahbar Sato, and Senior associate, Mohammad-Reza Narimani in International Law Review, […]
18 June 2019

Latest MIMT Restriction on Exportation of Some Mineral Products

“MIMT has recently introduced new restrictions on exportation of iron ore which concentrates and iron pellet can now only be exported by units holding an operation […]
25 June 2019

New Local Content Legislation

“An amendment, extending the scope of the law, has recently been made to the Law on “Maximum Utilization of Production and Services Potency in Providing Country’s […]
18 August 2019

Product Liability of Car Manufacturers

“A new approach to liability in the considerable number of car accidents in Iran has been taken, where car manufacturers will be held liable for car […]
9 October 2019

Iran-Switzerland MoU on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

“With the objective of cooperation expansion, Iran has signed an MoU with Switzerland covering Intellectual Property Matters.”  …
27 November 2019

Seminar on Legal Action for Trademark Annulment and Infringement in Iran

As part of their partnership, Elite Pars held a case-study seminar with focus on Trademark Annulment as a major field in intellectual property law …