25 October 2021

Flo Health Improper Data Usage

In January 2021, Flo Health, one of the most widely-used period and fertility tracking applications, was accused of improperly sharing users’ information with third party applications […]
26 September 2021

Iran Full Membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

On September 17, 2021, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (“SCO”) launched the procedures of Iran’s accession, which are expected to take around two years to complete. This […]
20 September 2021

Fake News and Misleading Information during Pandemic

Disinformation is as old as the concept of communication itself. However, in the present-day digital world, disinformation as well as its consequences has become more severe. […]
19 July 2021

Iranian Contract Law

A contract is a legal instrument that creates rights and obligations for the parties towards each other. The purpose of contract law is to provide an […]
23 June 2020

The Act Supporting Management of Ordinary Waste with Participation of Private Sector

After the conclusion of JCPOA, Iran introduced an attractive scheme to lure foreign investors willing to be involved in renewable energy projects in Iran. Even though […]
23 June 2020

Ceiling fixed for cash transactions of banks and financial institutions

Iran is ramping up on its money laundering regulations by fixing a daily ceiling on cash transactions that can be administered by banks and financial institutions…
23 June 2020

Webinar on Startups Legal Environment

Fifth edition of Elite Pars Legal Seminar Series…
30 May 2020

Seminar on IP Law; Trademark and Brand Developments

Fourth edition of Elite Pars Legal Seminar Series….