Conferral of Iranian Citizenship to Children of Iranian Mothers

The law enabling conferral of Iranian citizenship to children of Iranian mothers was approved by the Guardian Council, which had earlier rejected the two previous drafts of the bill for objections over what it referred to as "security concerns". Following these objections, The Iranian parliament prepared and passes a new resolution in October this year, in which additional checks for issuance of security certificate have been envisaged.

The text adopted by the Parliament after making the necessary amendments reads: "Children born to marriages of Iranian women with non-Iranian men who are born before or after the adoption of this law will be granted Iranian citizenship before reaching the age of 18 at the request of the Iranian mother in the absence of security problems (identified by the Ministry of Intelligence and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps). The children can themselves apply for Iranian citizenship if an application has not been filed by their Iranian mothers. Similarly, they will be granted Iranian citizenship in the absence of a security problem (identified by the Ministry of Intelligence). The response to this security inquiry will be made within a maximum of three months. The police are also required to issue a residence permit for a non-Iranian father in the absence of a security problem (identified by the Ministry of Intelligence)".

This means that children of Iranian mothers can now apply for Iranian citizenship. Previously, in accordance with Iranian Civil Code, children of an Iranian mother and a non-Iranian father who were born in Iran could only apply for citizenship after reaching the age of 18. This has led children of Iranian mothers to face various problems, most importantly lacking identification documents.