Corporate, M&A and Securities

Corporate and M&A law is the heart of Elite Pars’ practice. Our team has a hand full of experience advising on a variety of complex, cross-border and high-profile, corporate transactions. Our market knowledge in Iran and deep understanding of industry-specific issues ensures that we provide the best solutions for clients when dealing with Iranian related matters.

If Elite Pars’ Corporate Department team is to be described in a single phrase, they are the best deal-makers in Iran. Our clients can put their long-term trust in us as businesses counsels. Elite Pars’ M&A team is among the most successful in Iran. We always seek efficient and cost-effective services regardless of the size of the deal. We help our clients to make informed decisions by processing all of the pertinent information. Most importantly, we give practical advice.

We represent clients in a wide spectrum of industries, providing advice on single-jurisdictions and cross-border transaction. We offer extensive legal due diligence support. Our team has been the pioneer of introducing the concept into the Iranian market and is well capable of coordinating local aspects of cross-border transactions with counter parts.

Elite Pars has an extensive track record of closing strategic alliances, joint venture, mergers, and acquisitions.

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