Telecommunication & IT

The recent global technological force that has powerfully changed the way people interact, has evidently found its way to the Iranian market and society. From a legal point of view, information and telecommunication technologies have created complex and multifaceted landscapes for both public and private actors. IT companies operating in developing economies like Iran might experience even more cumbersome legal challenges because of the regulatory ambiguities and uncertainties intrinsic to such economies. Therefore, providing legal support to IT companies in such environments requires deep knowledge and extensive experience of the regulatory framework, practice of relevant authorities as well as dynamics of the market. This is exactly where Elite Pars stands out among countless other law firms as we have developed innovative approaches to protect our clients in telecom and IT sector.

We have advised numerous IT market players including telecommunications carriers, mobile app developers, internet service providers (ISPs), internet content distributors, wireless and optical equipment vendors and service providers. Elite Pars is proud to have unique expertise in assisting these various industry participants to handle their negotiations with Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Iran, and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) and obtain relevant licenses and permits. Our highly sophisticated transactional and corporate toolbox enables us to provide you legal support needed for setting up joint ventures, conducting project finance and carry out merger and acquisitions in this sector. We have also successfully represented the interests of our clients in their litigation and arbitration matters, in particular their domain name claims. As a result, interested local and international investors have repeatedly relied on our timely and accurate advice to capitalize on sometimes-golden opportunities in the Iranian IT market.

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